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Fri Jul 25 12:02:50 2014
Candice Holievina Totten and Henry Totten, Jr.
Just came across this and so glad ... good to see so many on here. Thanks to those who keep this going! It's great to know that BBHS is still alive in our hearts!
ctotten@gt.rr.com and htottenjr@gt.rr.com
Fri Jul 18 20:01:11 2014
Lyn Breaux
I received following from Josette Brown 'requesting prayers for Kenneth Broussard, BBHS Class of 66. He needs a heart transplant.
Thu May 8 20:29:10 2014
Evelyn Bean
Former Faculty Member 1968/1969, Girls PE,Office Assistant, Senior Sponsor, former wife of Basketball Coach Ken B Bean.
Would like to corrospond with any of1969 Grads.
Sun Aug 4 22:49:24 2013
Gilda Vincent Leigh
We have a graduate of '54 named Larry Barras that has cancer and been given 3 mos. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Thanks
Fri Jun 1 23:57:11 2012
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