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Kay Moreau Guidry
Miss seeing all my old classmates class of '62! Send me an e-mail! Live in Lago Vista, Tx. a suburb of Austin, TX. This is our 50th year--any reunion news?
Tue May 15 10:46:38 2012
Lyn Breaux
Just a reminder - the next Bishop Byrne All Years Reunion will be on Saturday, March 22, 2014. Please help us spread the word.
Sat May 12 13:04:03 2012
Francine Dugas Gaspard
I would like to join the Bishop Byrne High School Alumuni in order to keep in touch with our old classmates! Having a time also being able to join! Your help is appreciated!
Sun Apr 29 21:13:34 2012
Lyn Breaux
The next Bishop Byrne All Years Reunion will be in March 2014. Our reunions are held every three years. Please notify us of any address changes (both email and snail mail).
Thu Nov 10 16:25:58 2011
Margaret Butaud-Johnson
I am having a time registering. A little guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
Wed Aug 31 19:53:12 2011
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