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ava south
I graduated in 54, married Gordon, my high school sweetheart and we are still together, 54 years this June. I have a journal site www.xanga.com/avajsouth and my email is avajsouth@sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 14 17:47:00 2009
claudia strickland herron
Just signed in to post new email address. Love the old memories, expecially about the dancing at lund a St. James in the late 50s. We were so blessed to have parents that sacrificed to send us to that amazing school. Claudia
Wed Jan 7 09:39:42 2009
mary anne sigur
St. Catherine school is in the processing of establising an alumni association. If you could email any information you have it would be appreciated.
Mary Anne Drago Sigur
St. Catherine School Alumni
BBHS Class of 78
Tue Dec 9 10:38:22 2008
Lodie Henderson Massey ( '66)
Just to let everyone know that some of us made it through Hurricane Ike ok here on Galveston Island. My home (built in 1879) did not flood, so we were one of the lucky few. Sorry I missed the last reunion.
Wed Oct 8 09:57:51 2008
Gail Forster
I am still married to Max. And they said it wouldn't last haha
Thu Aug 21 17:35:29 2008
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