The Class of 1959 Celebrating our 50 Year Reunion

Knights of Columbus Hall in Port Neches, April 25, 2009


Class of ’59

1st Row Dale Tauzin (seated), Kneeling: Julia Simmons, Beverly Desormeaux, Mary Drago, Katherine Broussard, Helen Landry, Frank Laudano

2nd Row (Seated) Theresa Cazaux, Sharon DeRouen, Pam Hazleton, Beverly Palumbo, Carol Badeaux, Toot Plessala, Barbara Milich

3rd Row (Standing) Josie Licatino, Anthony Cuccia, Rosemary Graffagnino, Sam Loyacano, Father Kenneth Greig, Rosario Durso, Dora Bonura, Doris Delahoussaye, Jerry Bellot, Bernadette Myers, Kathleen Sawyer, Martin Carey, Lyn Guillory, Cathy Booz, Amanda Adams, Beverly Breaux, Marie Domec, Sister Sharon Steglich, Judy Bruno

4th Row Michael Bordelon, Pete Cammareri, Gayle Quebedeaux, Joe Nicotre, Freddy Lee, Karl Felix, Kenneth Mann, Bruce Flanagan, Fred Christy

St. Mary’s Section

1st Row (Seated) Bubba Forster, Fred Christy, Julia Simmons, Josie Licatino, Marilyn “Toot” Plessala, Sister Sharon Steglich

2nd Row Anthony Cuccia, Sam Loyacano, Rosemary Graffagnino, Father Kenneth Greig, Judy Bruno Will send combined group picture in another email.

St. James Section

1st Row (Seated) Beverly Desormeaux, Mary Drago, Helen Landry, Pam Hazleton, Sharon DeRouen, Gayle Quebedeaux, Karl Felix

2nd Row (Seated) Dale Tauzin, Theresa Cazaux, Dora Bonura, Kathlene Sawyer, Bernadette Myers, Kaye Broussard, Beverly Palumbo, Carol Badeaux, Barbara Milich

3rd Row (Standing) Martin Carey, Fred Christy, Bruce Flanagan, Doris Delahoussaye, Pete Camareri, Joe Nictore, Rosaria Durso, Freddy Lee, Kenneth Mann, Frank Laudano, Michael Bordelon, Lyn Guillory, Cathy Booz, Marie Domec, Beverly Breaux, Jerry Bellot