Student Memories

The following are memories posted to our previous message board by students of Bishop Byrne High School.

What about those cinnamon rolls?

Faye Delahoussaye Dismuke

Being pulled out of class to go be a pin setter at the bowling alley? Also to be pulled to serve as alter boy for funerals. Oh, what great memories,the standing in line outside of the caferatia for breakfast after class communion.

Van Ellis

Remember the food strike at St. James cafeteria and how St. Marys section sent us a care package. And all those wonderful after game dances.

Jerry Fontenot

I remember loaning my swim suit and roller skates to the nuns so that they could entertain themselves on some weekends.

Barbara Milich Gladu

I remember all the games, dances, friends made, and all the other good times we had at bbhs. Speaking of pork chops at St. Mary’s, I remember Larry Meaux didn’t like them so every day they were on the menu he had all the guys in the class begging him for his.

Glenn Prioux 1966

Saw one on Coach Umphrey and had to share my experiences in his wonderful English class vintage ’76-77. I remember Tom throwing his lit cigarettes in the trash can and everyone in class watching them smolder. I also found his habit of jamming kleenex up both his nostrils when he had a cold most amusing. I find myself doing the same thing now. On another occaison Coach Umphrey ran out of cigarettes one day and had me jog down to Razorbacks Grocery and fetch another pack. Oh the good old days…………..Coach Umphrey is a brilliant guy and a real scholar. I was able to place out of freshman English at Lamar Univ. due to the great course work and college preparation I received in the Liberal Arts at BBHS. Tom Rocks!!!

Charlie Sassine

Remember the dances at St. James, the old hut, that was the place….

David Placette

Remember Mr. Umphrey throwing erasers and also playing Hangman in his class.


Remember the gathering of wood and other flamable materials for the homecoming bon fires. And the bon fire pep rally —- some great things of our past.

Thom Chapman

I was at BBHS in the spring of ’67. The class “bell” sounded like an elevator chime. Nathaniel Cardenas could do a great imitation of that sound. A few times he would create the sound a minute or two before the end of class, and we would get out early (probably to the secret amusement of the teacher).

As an aside … Nat passed away 7-10 years ago from heart problems associated with marfan syndrome, something he’d had since birth. He was a dynamic presence in his church, the Catholic Student Center at Lamar Univ, and to those around him. He could enter a room full of people and draw their attention to a particular topic, yet he could also tune-in to an individual in need and give them his attention. I feel fortunate to have known him in high school, college, and beyond. He’s one of the many blessings from BBHS.

Jim Morrow

Ohhhhhhhhhh, the great food at St. Mary’s section cooked and baked by Mrs. Mevers and her mother. Ummmmm those great hot pies after mass every morning, and on Tuesdays (I think) they fixed those wonderful fried pork chops. Not too hard to tell what part of school I enjoyed the most, and all them good fixins have caught up with me too.

Peggy Ancelet Powell class of 59

Buddy Mevers intersepting a lateral against Vidor and running it back 99 yards with an assist for the last 20. Rebel Rally in the square on the 100 aniv. of the attack on Ft. Sumpter. Sister Baptist being mortified. Sister Baptist getting the final word by squirting me in the face with a water gun hidden under her red surplus. It was a good place to grow up wasn’t it ?

Mike DeCoux

Remember the c>y>o dances when boys would not dance girls would dance with each other such great music back than don’t youll agree

Bobbievice Griffin

Remember those winter days at the old St. James Section when those old heaters in the classrooms would not work!!!

Bill Ramsey

Remember when Msg. Kirwin put speakers in the palm trees out side of the church. To tell the boys that stood out side during mass to get in? The boys would go to 10:00 mass on Sundays. My brothers came home laughing about it.

Marie Domec Manovich

I loved Glee Club. Couldn’t sing, so sister made me an alto, and I got to sit next to the boys!


Father George, at St. Josephs, had a paddle, painted red,”To hide the blood”. When my turn for licks came along, he womped dickens out of the sofa, and made me promise not to tell!

Fred schneider

Remember when we were in high school and it rained? We would RUN from one class to another, getting our clothes and feet wet. No air conditioning, eating our lunch under the trees while the seagulls would come and eat the food we threw to them. One person would get the car to go and make the “drag” and the rest of us would “pitch in” money for gasoline! Eating popcorn late at night during slumber parties. Oh, those were wonderful memories. Judith Hebert, class ’59.

Judith Hebert

Remember dancing during lunch at St. James Section in the late 50’s…I do.

Barbara Walters Garner

Remember great music and dancing in the old Auditorium?

Sandy Mouton Brent

I remember sitting in Chemistry class and staring at the bulletin board which read ‘Holy Spirit Enlighten Us’. While the teacher was out, I rearranged the letters to read ‘Oily Spit is Green’. I did time for that one!

Patrick Durio – 1965