Bishop Byrne High School Band Photos


1980 Band Photo
Contributed by Norris Broussard

The photos below were provided by Johnny Steck (Class of ’78). The details were transcribed from yellow post-it notes provided by his sister explaining the photos. (They add an interesting touch).

I think this is my junior year (72-73 probably Spr. 73 concert) Kathy Senior is out, but Tommy Lorry is still in (I think he was just 1 year ahead of me)

March ’71 would be Spring of my Freshman year. Is that your 3rd from right on 1st now?! This is from one of our concert bands I assume.
Another concert band content. This must be spring of 1970 – we look younger than the ’71 petune & you’re not on this one. Can’t be ’69, because Barry Andrews & Joan Crowde, are in petune but they’re not luted in 1st year concert program but are in 2nd-year program.
This has to be from our 1st concert – roster from program matches kids in petune from what I can tell.

’77-’78 Band
provided by Johnny Steck